I am Hjörtur


I am an Icelandic artist and I have released more than 50 albums


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My birth name is:

Hjörtur Haraldsson Blöndal

I was born in:



I have lived in:

Iceland, Denmark and Spain


My music genres are:

Electronica, ambient, alternative rock, electronic rock, techno, trance, blues, pop, ambient music, experimental music, classical music and soundtracks

I am a:

Composer, arranger, musician, singer, producer, cartoonist and an author, graphic designer, painter, photographer and illustrator

I've worked in different projects:

Eurovision, BBC News, EMI, Polydor, Czech Television, Danmarks Radio, Elizabeth Wynn, Laid Back, Anne Dorte Michelsen, Cæcilie Norby, Hugo Rasmussen, Kim Larsen, Lars H.U.G, Nanna Lüders, Peter Belli, Sort Sol, Steffen Brandt, Thomas Helmig, Thulla, Arnar Astradsson, Perlefilm etc.


I play these instruments:

Keyboards, guitar, bass guitar and percussion


I have also relesen music under these names:

The Airfly Circus, Alfarspace, The Mercuriis and Kiss My Lips


These are the record companies that have released my music:

EMI, Polydor, ATCR, X-Production and Time 2 Trance


You can contact me here:




Email: hallo@hjortur.dk


Phone: +34 610 290 307



All artwork by Hjörtur unless otherwise stated

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